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Your Roadmap To Dating Post-Pandemic

Lockdown is lifting slowly but surely and there are glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel for dating again. So many singles are starting to rendezvous with the idea of connecting in the forthcoming weeks. Yet, emotionally for many, it’s not a bed of roses.

So why it’s dating a bed of roses right now? With recent time lost on the dating scene so many singles have fears and anxieties coming up for them for many different reasons and in different ways.

Some are feeling that they are frustrated with the amount of dating time lost and for some a feeling of pressure for the next person they date to be the last or most significant person they date - we're hearing this a lot. The pressure for instantaneous chemistry is so hight right now.

Due to the recent year of being socially and physically distanced, especially on the dating scene, there are also worries coming up for singles that couldn’t have been foreseen.

Singles are sharing that they feel like ‘they have lost their touch when it comes to flirting’ or they are worried about ‘wasting time and energy’ with the wrong person or people and the usual anxieties that show their ugly faces in modern dating but heightened but we have to encourage you to trust the process.

The people a matchmaker connects you with have the same wants, goals and desires as you in love and in life.

On the other side of the coin we’re hearing about huge feelings of excitement, apprehension and eagerness to hit the ground running - especially for those who’s intention it is to seriously search for love.

Whatever it is you’re feeling right now, just know that you are not alone and you are in the same boat as so many. The feelings you feel right now may change from day to day but they are are all valid and important - sink into them, understand them, express them and grow from them.

Remember we have never lived in a time like this before, its new to us all and it really is a learning every step of the way and so here are some top tips to start dating when you're ready:

  • Know that the Government roadmap doesn’t have to be your roadmap - take part in dating as and when you choose and feel good about it - not just because everyone else is

  • Practice JOMO (the joy of missing out) when you feel energetically depleted when you’re back out there sharing your space with others again

  • Start to trust in the dating process - know that the person you are looking to meet is looking for you too!

  • Take the pressure off dating by seeing each encounter as a meeting of new people and gaining of experiences rather than an interview for your last romantic partner. It’s called ‘dating’ for a reason.

  • Be conscious of investing time with people who aren’t aligned with your intentions in places such as dating apps or websites to avoid what feels like wasting time or a deflation of positivity in the dating process

  • Work on your relationship with yourself - fill your cup until you feel overflowing enough to date others

  • Start to be crystal clear on your values so that people who do not align with that fall by the wayside.

  • Work on creating boundaries to say no to those that don't serve you or set your soul on fire

  • Ensure you are always swimming in the right pools of people who have the same wants and goals for dating and relationships as you do.


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