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Why online dating isn't working for you

Singles come to matchmakers not only to find a deeply compatible connection but also to alleviate the stress and anxiety that they’ve experienced whilst navigating dating online.

Those singles express to us that they feel online dating just isn’t working for them but they don’t quite know why. But we do.

Did you know that the biggest gripes we matchmakers hear about apps and online meeting mostly comes from singles in big cities?

They share that they feel that there are so many singles at their fingertips, yet, they just aren’t moving forward towards their romantic goals as quickly as they’d like.

There’s so many singles, so much swiping and dating but so few deeply fulfilling connections being created.

Singles seem to subconsciously and consistently flip between how good swiping makes them feel right in the moment when they ‘match’ and how worn out they feel when they haven’t found that deeply stimulating connection.

For way too long singles have been normalising a journey of chatting for weeks, still swiping in between and dwindling the opportunity for offline connection as they lose momentum with each other.

And so they swipe, meet, deflate, delete, repeat.

Quite frankly, it can be emotionally and physically exhausting for so many.

Singles say that there are so many apps and so many potentials at their fingertips that they feel they have higher chances to meet and deeply connect with someone. Yet, they don’t realise that many apps monetise on retention of users, that not everyone has the same intention and the data sets that match singles together via an algorithm don’t often consider important factors such as values, physical connection or dating and relationship intention.

There are many other algorithm factors in apps that aren’t working for those who want quality of connection over quantity in matches but the above just names a few.

Online dating is a space where singles experience a mass of ‘matches’ yet a place where meaningful connection is somewhat lacklustre.

Considering some of our findings, many navigating dating apps may not realise that they are potentially (& subconsciously):

  • multi-dating to speed things up but actually slowing things down through splitting their energy, time, attention and affection

  • they are filling a void of disconnection because a mass of ‘matches’ seems fulfilling. It’s the path of least resistance.

  • they are experiencing quantity over quality in interactions but they feel busy and active in their dating journey

  • they are having surface level chats instead of deeply connected and stimulating conversations

  • they are meeting many unaligned singles consistently and, in the moment, that can somehow seem better than slow dating with a high-quality few

  • those navigating the apps aren’t always invested yet most are hoping for high quality ‘return', by whatever their measure.

  • they are dating in the same online places time and time again but expecting different results.

Matchmaking redefines a persons dating journey. It’s not the same as online dating, it’s not comparable. We professional matchmakers offer deeply considered introductions where high potential compatibility is taken into account - we meet every single person and ask the questions that singles usually wait until date 3 or 4 to know.

We don’t conform, we seek to learn what you want to know about each person you’re meeting from the get go. We get to grips with things such as aspirations, goals, ambitions, values, wants, desires, lifestyle, intellect and connection.

We go way beyond the surface level interactions that you may experience in the online space so you can, quite simply put, spend your time focusing on the initial components that really matter.

Connection. Chemistry. Compatibility.

Much Love,

Love Connections Global x


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