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Why do people come to matchmakers?

We sometimes get asked why singles come to matchmakers but often that’s by people who are feeling a sense of resistance to the matchmaking process for themselves, worrying about what it means about them if they embark on an outsourcing journey of their love lives.

Sometimes singles say they feel that they ‘should’ just be able to do the search for themselves.

Some feel that all the ‘good ones are taken’

Sometimes people say that it must only be men that come to us, others say women.

Others wonder what they are doing wrong to resort to connecting with a professional and putting their love lives into someone else’s hands.

The truth is that singles come to professional matchmakers for many reasons that have nothing to do with being unsuccessful in dating or seeing it as the ‘last chance saloon’ after too much swiping or multi-dating. It’s quite the opposite. For our clients it has everything to do with the lack of alignment they feel with where they’ve been navigating the search so far or with the people they have been meeting. It's a matter of making a choice to value their small amounts of perusal down time.

Those who come to a matchmaker are either being more economical with their time and energy investment, choosing to meet only those hand selected matches on their wavelength who they know will have the same wants and relationship goals as them and for others singles that come to our services it’s about being particular about where they leave a digital footprint for many very important reasons.

The majority of singles that come to Love Connections Matchmaking are Doctors, Lawyers, Solicitors, Bankers, Tech experts, Angel and Property Investors, those with Political responsibility and others are at the top of their game in whatever industry they specialise in and more.

Often, they are too time poor to navigate the likes of apps and websites where the intentions of others just aren’t clear on so many levels. We’ve found over the last decade in the dating industry that due to the responsibility our clients hold in their professional roles and the duty of care they have in their industry, they don’t want to ‘cross paths’ with their own clients or peers. The singles we work with operate most parts of their personal and professional lives with support in order to actualise everything to a high standard.

For example, just as they might hire a personal trainer to get fit, a PA to help support with the weight of their professional day or a nutritionist to help aid their healthy lifestyle goals they also work with professional matchmakers to ensure they are able to be on the path to meeting potential life-partners who are vetted to be on their wavelength and visa versa. The quality over quantity in experiences and time spent is important to our clients and so outsourcing the search just makes strategical and economical sense on an emotional, time and connectivity level.

Some of our clients who have experienced online dating have shared with us that they just haven’t felt aligned with the people they have met in that space (or through other means). They’ve also shared that when it comes to getting on dates how getting down to deeply connected conversations about their wants, values, desires, needs for connection, plans for commitment, for passion, to express their goals and plans to build families often takes a good few dates before societal norms allows to get past what we often call the dating dance. They find it exhausting, time consuming, emotionally & financially draining, to often find they are just not on the same page as that certain someone they’ve been meeting.

For full disclosure, our matchmaking clients connect with one another knowing that we have checked compatibility so they know that:

They have the same wants in a relationship

They are on the same emotional and intellectual wavelength

They are mutually on the same page about life aspirations, inclusive of level of ambition

They don’t come up against each others non-negotiables

They have a similar lifestyle and outlook on the world

They are aligned in values, wants, needs and desires

They are a good fit on a practical and logistical level

They have enough common ground and yet enough polarisation in interests to ensure the connection has enough foundations on which to build conversationally

And so all they need to do it connect and arrange an in person date and check in to see if chemistry is present to pave the way to future meeting.

It’s really simple. Not all the good ones are taken, they’ve just taken a different path to meeting a partner and often its with professional matchmakers. If you would like to connect with the most exceptional singles across the UK and Europe, we’d love to find out more about you and the kind of person you’re looking to meet.


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