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The Online Daters Mindset

We’re often asked about the kind of clientele we attract into our global matchmaking community and what makes those who seek out support to find a significant other either via dating coaching or personal introductions different. The answer is simple: Mindset.

On average, the online dater spends over 10 hours per week swiping left and right and the conversion rates from swipes to dates is less than 1%. That’s a lot of time for so many big city dwellers who describe themselves as already being time poor. Many online daters are subconsciously swiping for hits of serotonin and testing the waters with flirtation, online conversation and figuring out what they want. Sometimes the online dater navigates the virtual space without realising they do not have the true intention of building a significant romantic relationship but are, in fact, really seeking companionship and deeper connection and understanding of themselves and their romantic desires.

Whereas, the matchmaking community is really clear about what they want and who they want to meet. They have taken stock of the modern dating landscape and the kind of person they want to attract and are not willing to sink time in the kinds of people who aren’t aligned with the connection they want to build intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

Our matchmaking community also understand that the online dater is looking for instantaneous feel-good hits and connections. Whereas, our community place the search in the hands of professional dating experts understanding that, working with their criteria of lifestyle, values, family goals and emotional depth that we only provide connections one at a time, every 8 weeks. Theres no algorithm, its a labour of love provided by a team of professional matchmakers vetting and selecting singles to connect.

For some singles used to online dating that journey is really hard to quantify as they are so used to receiving ‘matches’ and messages relentlessly from a large quantity of singles and having to do the legwork themselves. BUT, those messages and matches aren't aligned with their wants, goals and dating intentions. Our exceptional singles are willing to wait for quality connection and free up the time they've sunk with online connections that have felt subpar.

Matchmaking isn’t for everyone, it’s a leap of faith in your love life. That’s why we work by invitation only to our community, vetting and hand selecting seriously searching singles.

Do you have the matchmaking mindset, like so many of our community members?

If so, we’d love to get to know you better. Connect with us here.

Much Love,

The Love Connections Global Team x


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