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Overcoming Rejection In Modern Dating

Around 70% of our coaching clients talk about healing hurts from feelings of rejection and / or recovering from negative feelings and thoughts about themselves after being ‘left out in the cold’ without the closure they wanted and felt they deserved romantically speaking.

Here’s some of the scenarios we’ve heard and will continue to hear about:

  1. swiped right on and were deleted / blocked / phased out

  2. dated and were ghosted / ignored

  3. in a relationship that came to an end abruptly without conflict / resolution

It’s important for you to know that with any of the above or any similar scenario that has left you feeling rejected - it is easy to internalise because we begin to assess our sense of worth, our thoughts about being good enough and then we try to find somewhere to place the blame.

More often than not we place the blame on ourselves about things not working out. We start to resist what’s in the present because we feel a loss of control and want to find the why about how things ended as they did.

Searching for answers that won’t present themselves is like drinking poison ourselves, we harbour so much toxic energy and that can have a knock on effect on the rest of our lives. Just know this, when someone does a Houdini act / exits stage left.

  1. it was and is never about you, it’s about their lack of comms and inability to deal with conflict

  2. The person doesn’t quite know how to navigate an emotional situation or deal with your emotions

  3. They have taken the easiest exit and you should know that you deserve a person who is there through the good, bad and hard times - because life WILL present them

Please do work on mastering your mindset and reframing the idea that you are not enough. Because you are so enough it’s ridiculous. Rejection is simply redirection.

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