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The Mission FREE Matchmaking Process - 2 weeks only.

Welcome to Mission Matchmaking with Love Connections Global.

We have had an incredible response to our Free Matchmaking For All campaign helping make connections happen on a global scale for FREE for the next two weeks to show that love will always prevail, even during a pandemic. It’s a labour of love and have seen an immense global response in the first two days, we’re busy on-boarding volunteer matchmakers, new dating co-ordinators and forever refilling our coffee cups.

You may have heard us on the BBC this week, perhaps on twitter or raving about our campaign to the lovely professional people on Linkedin. Just a quick recap, this is an initiative so singles can have fun, make friends and hopefully find love in a time where we find ourselves socially isolated and taking stock on our love lives.

More on the Connections process: So you’ve rocked up to the Love Connections website, sent us your application and maybe even booked in your interview with one of the team of matchmakers and so you might be wondering what’s next?

We’ll be getting to know you in a 15-20 minute conversation running through your application and getting a little clearer on the kind of person you would like to meet. Normally, these interviews would last 1.5 hours or so when interviewing clients but as this is a free service brought to you by volunteers we are keeping it short but sweet, but still carefully considered and vetted.

Next up, after a matchmaking meeting and a lot of note taking on who would be a great suitor or potential certain someone for you, we will tell you a little snippet about them via email whilst also providing a date time and their skype address (it’s FREE, please download it). You and your connection will have already provided a suitable time for your digital date to one of our team members and all you have to do is rock up to your digital date on skype at the scheduled time.

Just so you know, the response has been mind-blowing and we’re so excited to help as many of you forge fun new connections as possible so we ask you to be please be prompt to your interview, to show up to your date on time and pour a glass of wine or a lovely cuppa as you get to know one another.

We then want to know how it went and you can supply feedback to our team HERE or we will be in touch with you to explore more about how you got in. Why? If you were a match, we want to know the good stories in this time and share to pay it forward to others if and when we can. We also want to know if you and your match weren’t quite right so we can help you better next time and feedback constructively where necessary so singles can set themselves up for better dating and love success.

There are no profiles, there are no algorithms and there’s no dating dance here like you may see online. Just dates and a group of matchmakers who want to do good in this time!

Let’s get you all connected.


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