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❤️ Matchmaking Mission ❤️ Free Matchmaking For All - Love Isn't On Lockdown...

London Matchmaker

❤️Hello there singles / daters / those of you daring greatly to find love in these surreal and socially isolated times.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Sarah Louise Ryan, founder of Love Lessons Coaching & Love Connections Matchmaking. I wanted to introduce (and re-introduce) myself to you all as a friendly face in what is seemingly a trying time and let you know that I’ve got some good news for you.

I have been a matchmaker for a decade, working on a global scale, connecting those who are seriously seeking their soulmate and also helping those who don’t quite know what they are looking for in love just yet to figure it all out. You see, what I have found in times of crisis or worldwide adversity is that we humans seek connection more than anything because love and belonging always trumps fear and hate. We’ve seen it before when the world has suffered economic downfall and now we are seeing a surge of people looking to partner again during this trying time of a worldwide pandemic.

❤️ One thing is clear. Love Always Wins.

And so, I wanted to let you know that we are going to be offering FREE matchmaking on a global scale for the next two weeks or so. Consider us connectors for those singles seeking to broaden their digitally connected circle and perhaps they’ll find love in the process. So, we want to get to know you, we want to know more about the kind of person you are looking to meet and we’re ready to make love happen because love will always prevail.

❤️Why are we going global? Because we know love knows no bounds.

Our mission is to connect and match as many people as we can in the next two weeks and all we ask is that your share your stories with us and socially share our matchmaking mission with as many people as you think will value connection of the romantic kind at this time.

❤️There is no algorithm, it’s a labour of love and we matchmakers are volunteering our time to do what we can for as many people as we can for the next two weeks. We expect we will be in demand and ask for your patience and when we are able to connect you, we will. If we do so, pay it forward and share our apply link with as many singles seeking connection as you can.

In the end, what we do for others in the darkest of times and who we become in the process will be the measure of us. Love conquers all, so let’s get you connected.

❤️Sarah Louise Ryan & The Love Connections Team ❤️

WHAT’S GOOD TO KNOW: Please ignore any questions or automations about becoming a paying client, we will just assume to be making love happen for free for all applicants. We’re based in London so we thank you for your patience across time zones and because our matchmakers will be volunteering their time. If you would like to become a volunteer matchmaker DM / email / call, we will consider applications if we become inundated.


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