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Connect To Meaningful Monogamy at Love Connections Global

Call us old school in the modern world of dating but we’re a London Matchmaking firm that firmly focuses solely on meaningful monogamy. We search locally, nationwide and globally for singles in the UK who join our matchmaking membership.

Our clients form a community of connectors.

We know all too well, after a decade of immersion in the dating industry, that the way people search to meet like-minded singles is ever evolving and becoming more complex in options. There is a paradox of choice in apps, platforms, types of relationships styles and ways people navigate the dating journey. A paradox of choice can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming.

We want to keep it super simple for you, to sieve out those who aren’t right for our matchmaking agency, (so you don’t have to like with apps) and let you know that we only work with those who are searching for connections of the romantic kind that are both meaningful and monogamous.

We also want to also let you know the kind of people we attract and why, it’s important to us and we hope it’s important to you too…

At our London Matchmaking Agency attract singles who are searching for their significant other. They are looking for passionate connection on all fronts in a romantic relationship and they are quite simply tired of the online platforms that tend to leave love to an algorithm.

They say no wasting time, no to playing of games, no to those who aren’t consciously looking to create a significant connection and an absolute no to those who don’t have the same values, wants, needs and end goals in sight.

In a nutshell, our Dating Agency in London attracts people who are looking for the next meaningful connection that results in a monogamous, fulfilling and loving relationship (they also want to have a positive path to it).

If we resonate with you we’d love to get to know you, if we don’t already. So let’s connect so we can connect you to other exceptional singles soon…get in touch here.

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe.

Team LCG x


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