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How to tell if someone likes you romantically.

Look on any dating forum or site and one question will come up over and over again - “How do I tell if he or she likes me?” In an ideal world, people would have to wear some kind of flashing traffic light style badge which would let you know the answer to this question. Sadly, as things stand at the moment, this is a little more tricky - but not impossible. Finding out if someone likes you is all about learning to read the subtle signs displayed in their actions and their body language. Here’s how it’s done:

The eyes have it

Firstly, when we like somebody, we feel an urge to make eye contact - frequently. Quite simply, we like looking at somebody we’re attracted to - and we don’t like looking at those we’re not bothered about. Secondly, when we’re attracted to somebody, our pupils dilate. OK, I’m not suggesting that you get so close to your crush that you can measure the degree of dilation but, at a normal conversational distance, you’ll usually notice a subtle difference.

Touchy feely

Touch is a big thing for us humans - and it speaks volumes about how we feel about somebody. When we like somebody, we’re compelled to touch them in subtle ways such as removing a hair from their jumper or touching their arm during conversation. Put bluntly, these light touches indicate a desire for a different kind of touching altogether.

Mirror mirror

When we’re in the presence of somebody that we like, we tend to subconsciously mirror their movements. If you spy your crush crossing their arms or tilting their head in the same way that you do, this is a good sign that they’re interested.

New territory

Many people, when they’re attracted to somebody, will subtly move themselves or their possessions into that person’s space. For example, if you’re sitting in a coffee shop with your crush and he or she moves their pen or phone into your space on the table, it’s almost certainly a green light.

The lean

Our bodies are amazing and, a lot of the time, they do things without prompting or awareness of our own brains. A major sign of attraction is when somebody has a tendency to lean toward you while in conversation. Whether standing or sitting, the person will angle their body toward yours - and this is a flashing neon sign that he or she is interested.

While these are all really good indicators of attraction, it is, of course, possible to misread the signs. In the age of social media, we can think somebody likes us because they like all of our posts when, in reality, they do the same with everybody.

While body language can help you to figure out the answer to this tricky question, the main test is simple - if he or she goes out of their way to spend time with you then they’re definitely interested - in which case, you may proceed with my blessing!


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