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How To Connect Deeply When Dating

As a busy professional the chances are you are mindful where you invest your time and with whom you spend it. Time is of value to you and this is one of the reasons why online dating can cause so much frustration for high achieving singles who don’t tend to work the usual 9 to 5.

We often hear from those who come to us for matchmaking that they just don’t feel connected to lots of people they meet online and this can be due to the process itself, uncertainty in mutual emotional investment and in the difficulty of turning pseudo-connection online into offline meetings - it’s a tricky space to navigate.

So, how can you connect deeply and stop wasting time in modern dating?

Stay deeply present. With each ‘match’ you make, conversation you undertake and offline meeting you create. Put away your phone, put thoughts of work to one side and think only about the person you are currently in conversation with. Staying present in a world where we are all oversaturated with information and in a world of online dating where it feels like singles are oversaturated with mismatched options can be difficult but it’s important to zone into the person to make informed decisions for your dating journey.

Consciously cut to the chase in your conversation. If you keep the conversation on the surface for long periods of time before you feel comfortable with someone you could be sinking time with the wrong person or people. Make sure to ask more questions. You can engage with someone on a deeper level when you talk about what you’re passionate about, inviting them to do the same. You can gain a deeper understanding for their future path and plans when you open up the conversation about your goals, aspirations, ambitions in work, furthering self-development and wants to discover.

Interact on a deeper level. Pay close attention to someones body language to gain insight into how connected they feel to the conversation they are in with you, does it seem open or closed? Equally, take a close look at your body language - what messages are you putting out there into the world and to your match? Do you seem open to this connection or closed off from taking it further. If you feel chemistry and connection make it known with your body language.

Happiness is the most attractive trait. Are you investing in your passions and what gives you a deep sense of purpose right now? The more you engage in the things that light you up the more you will energetically show up on your dates and feel connected to yourself. When someone lives a life they love that really radiates outward and positively ricochets into all other areas of life, inclusive of the dating journey. Happy attracts happy.

Date because you feel ready and know you deserve love. If you start the dating journey, whether that’s on an app, through a matchmaking service or elsewhere it’s really important to date because you’re so ready to build a relationship and you’re excited about the possibilities, hopeful about what the future may hold and because you know that you deserve deep love.

Deep romantic connection comes easily when you know yourself well, when you’re connected to your values, when you’re aligned and when you lovingly let what is no longer serving you fall by the wayside. You deserve deep connection, if you’re ready to stop sinking time and meet someone one your wavelength we’d love to get to know you better, connect with our personal matchmaking team.


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