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How Our Matchmakers Work - London Matchmaking & beyond..

Dating over the last decade has not been easy for singles.

There’s been a lot of swipe, match, delete, repeat activity in regards to apps and dating websites. The current avaerage (according to data) time spent swiping and chatting on apps is 15 hours a week, imagine what you could do with that time?

Think investing in your hobbies, passions, personal development, fitness, goals, interests and so much more.

Whilst apps have their place, and we’ve heard many a success story, the other side of the coin when using tech instead of humans to navigate the search for love is misaligned intentions and uncertainty in romantic wants to the person on the other side of the profile.

It's so much investment in time, energy, and emotion for little fulfillment or return.

Dating online offers a paradox of choice, it can be physically exhausting and emotionally paralysing when the connection doesn’t quite materialise into a date or concise communication thereafter.

We hear stories of burnout from our singles when they come to us. They are professionally and academically successful and also time-poor, yet, they create and invest time as they’re serious about finding committed and deeply fulfilling connection.

When they meet us they learn that personal matchmaking is so much different. We work with a process that’s both positive and proven over the last 12 years in the offline dating space.

The work a matchmaker conducts at Love Connections Global is beyond that of a swipe - it's lots of selecting, conversing and connecting for you. Whilst we have many a testimonial and success story, we also do the work that's not so pretty which is sieving out those who are not compatible for you as we work through connecting with those who seemingly look to be so on the surface.

Here’s how we work…

🔸 We vet and select potentials for your romantic pipeline

🔸 We meet, interview and conduct consultations with each and every one of our community

🔸 We have multiple matchmaking meetings each week to discuss, refine your pipeline and sieve out those who aren’t suitable

🔸 We work with you compatibility considering your relationship wants, goals, intentions and what connects you on an emotional, intellectual and lifestyle level.

🔸 We check all singles proof of person so everyone can feel rest assured they are who they say they are, which in modern dating isn’t always the case.

🔸 We get to know you, talk about you to other singles and connect you with those we have selected for you

🔸 We work nationwide or globally for singles who are mutlicity, county and zesty human beings travelling all over for work and pleasure

🔸 We gather feedback from each date and every connection we create for you so we can use both yours and their feedback to better the dating journey for you both together or separately should you not feel the ‘spark’.

🔸 We use your feedback to fully inform the next connection we create for you and those thereafter so we work towards getting closer to what feels like a deeply compatible connection as we get to know you even better.

🔸 We make introductions every 6 weeks or so across a year of matchmaking membership to like-minded potentials, one at a time, considerately and slowly. They’ll be on your wavelength in many ways.

Our team are leaders in the ofline dating industry as coaches, relationship and wellness experts with backgrounds in the likes of psychology, coaching, counselling, interpersonal relationships, health and mental and physical wellbeing.

When joining the matchmaking journey all you have to do is trust in the process, connect with your introductions and let us know how it goes.

Much Love,

Love Connections Global Team x


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