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How online dating and modern meeting for singles is changing.

Lockdown has lifted in most parts of the UK and we’re starting to hear wonderful stories of coffee first dates, Sunday strolls and skype online dating chats over a glass (or two!) of wine. We have a few great testimonials under our belt from singles we brought together via our personal matchmaking services during this surreal time.

People are starting to date more consciously, we like to think of it as ‘consciously coupling’ and we’re hearing more about the importance of values, end goals of building relationships and the real relationship fundamentals coming to the forefront of the minds of the modern dater.

It’s got us to thinking about the decline of certain dating scenarios which we’ve seen in recent years to be on the rise. Things such as: the grass might be greener on the other swipe mentality, the hookup culture and situationships*

We don’t know how you’re currently meeting like-minded people right now across the board but isn’t it interesting how the seriousness of a world pandemic puts life under a laser focus lense and make us truly assess what we need, value and truly want?

We’ve been busy getting to know so many of you and finding out more about what you’re looking for in love and are pleased to report that we’ve seen an 80% (ish) decline of gripes around modern dating - it took a lot to shake up the dating scene and we hope to continue to see new ways of paving the path forward when it comes to the partnering journey.

If you want to share more with us about your relationship goals, who you're looking to meet and get connected with other consciously searching singles, we’d be delighted to meet you. Just get in touch with the Love Connections International Matchmaking team here to start dating today.

If you know what your ideal love search looks like, let us help you create it.

The Love Connections Team x

*situationships are those dating scenarios that have people sailing through dating others without committing, placing labels or setting intentions together, you know the ones.


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