Healing Heartbreak & Dating During a World Pandemic - Interview with Miingle

Our founder recently sat down with Miingle for a chat about all things dating and relationships. Our Q&A covered everything from how to heal from heartbreak to using the Law of Attraction to find love. Here are some of the things we covered (it's alot!)

• Practical steps to mending a broken heart

• Matchmaking during COVID

• Surviving a pandemic

• Knowing when to give up on a relationship

• Helping singles find love

• Using the Law of Attraction to find The One

• The hurdles of modern dating• Burning the dating rule book

• Video dating

• First date nerves

• Filtering out those who aren’t right for us

• Avoiding awkward silences

• Becoming intimate for the first time

• Practicing self-love

• The key ingredients for a lasting relationship

• The theatre of romance

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