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Guest Post: Finding The Perfect Partner by Dennie Smith

Dennie Smith, Founder of Old Style Dating joined our Founder Sarah Louise Ryan in the studio for our Love Lessons Radio show this week. Dennie and Sarah discussed navigating the modern dating landscape, avoiding cuffing season if singles really want to couple, identifying if you have a type and the search for a significant other.

Dennie has joined us here on Love Lessons to explore if the perfect partner exists. Have a read:

Are you looking for perfection in a new partner?

Maybe you’re determined not to ‘settle’.

But did you know that often our expectations are unrealistic.

Many people who are looking for love firmly believe a romantic myth that a perfect partner is out there and all we need to do is wait.

So we look for someone who is kind, successful, attractive, charismatic and intelligent.

They have to be as funny as our favourite comedian and make us feel wanted. And of course our family has to love them too.

Sadly, such a perfect person doesn’t exist.

Nobody can be that wonderful all of the time.

We need to quit worrying about ‘settling’ and be open and realistic about what the future could bring. Maybe we could value loyalty, honesty and openness a little more.

Here are some pointers to help you find someone who may be not be right all the time but could still be right for you:

Remember you aren’t perfect either!Why not forget a usual ’type’ and opt for someone completely different – you may be pleasantly surprised.Learn some more about compromise and ‘give and take’ – don’t expect to get your own way all the time!Take responsibility for your input into a relationship.

Don’t expect a potential partner to look after your needs – remember you can do that too.

There’s no such thing as perfection – so stop looking for it

Relationship expert Fidel Beauhill adds: “Seeking perfection is one way trip to disappointment.

“Love isn’t about finding the perfect partner or relationship it’s about accepting and seeing the value in the imperfections.

“People change. Someone who may seem perfect one moment can quickly, or slowly become less so.

“Having a really clear idea of your relationship values is very useful.

“Knowing what you really want. Narrowing that down to your top 3-5 must haves in a relationship will make you realise what’s really important and everything else really isn’t.

“Accepting yourself as an imperfect person is awesome. Loving your own faults will help you to forgive and appreciate others.”

“Sexual Chemistry is created by our differences not our similarities.”

For more dating advice or to start the search for love today with traditional values head over to Old Style Dating and get on the path to partnering.


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