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Forming Connection In A Busy World: Interview with David & Ahmad

We recently had David & Ahmad from The Authentic Dating Series live on Love Lessons where we talked about all things connection in a busy world where we can sometimes feel so disconnected.

David and Ahmad said:

"A quick take away from our first ever radio appearance today with Sarah Louise Ryan (which was very exciting and really fun!) —> Men & Women are both experiencing fears, frustrations and challenges around dating & relationships! Often it’s the same fears/ frustrations popping up... eg. “I feel disposable because everyone on dating apps are shopping around for the next best thing” We’re hearing this from both men & women! And yet often people feel they are the only one facing challenges... YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!! WE ALL HAVE CHALLENGES!! The wonderful news is if you’re curious to find out what challenges others are facing you’ll have the advantage of having a deeper understanding and connection with them and their experiences — and as a BONUS: you’ll stop feeling alone and realise that everyone’s in the same boat. "

To tune into the show with these guys listen in here for dating and relationship advice.


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