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"How Do I Decide If My Relationship Is Over?"

They say that the course of true love never runs smoothly - and, boy, ain’t that the truth. Aside from serious issues like infidelity and wanting different things, most relationships experience natural ebbs and flows over time. While the high points can be great, the low points can be grim - and can sometimes make us question the relationship itself. While low points between you and your partner aren’t much fun, they don’t necessarily mean the death knell for your relationship. So, how do you decide if your relationship is done or, just needs a reboot?

The Reboot

While things may be tough for you and your boo right now, don’t despair just yet if the problem is one of the following:

Bedroom blues - There was a time that you couldn’t get enough of each other but, lately, things have been a bit flat.

Don’t worry - it’s natural for the physical side of your relationship to take a dip now and again. Spending quality time together without distractions can help to reignite the spark when things fizzle out.

Relationship rut - Date nights and days out have been replaced with evenings on the sofa.

Don’t worry - in a way, this is good news as it means that you’re super comfortable with each other. This is, however, a good time to kick start the relationship by initiating evenings out and thinking of activities that the two of you can do together.

And…’re done

Unfortunately, if any of the following apply to you and your relationship, it may be time to say goodbye:

Broken record - The two of you have a sticking point and neither is willing to change their view. This could be anything from wanting children to where you want to live.

Sorry but - In cases like these, there’s usually very little chance of one partner changing their mind or of reaching a compromise that doesn’t leave both parties feeling resentful.

The friend zone - You realise that the two of you are more like friends or siblings than partners and lovers. Tell tale signs include a lack of physical intimacy and increasingly enjoying time apart.

Sorry but - While there may be the odd exception, it’s very rare for a relationship which has reached this stage to be rebooted. The good news is that, usually, both partners feel the same way and, so, the split should be amicable.

The sniper - You’ve noticed that, in the eyes of your partner, you can do no right - or vice versa. Although there are still normal conversations, one partner is frequently criticising the other and has become increasingly short tempered.

Sorry but - There’s no easy way to say this; when a relationship reaches this stage it’s generally because one partner simply no longer enjoys the company of the other and is, in fact, irritated by their presence. There’s generally zero percent chance of coming back from this one.

Relationships are tricky and almost always require work, patience and empathy. Although it’s commendable to want to rescue a relationship, it’s important to examine the issues and weigh up the good and the bad to figure out if it is, in fact, worth saving.


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