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Decide To Date Differently

We often hear stories from singles who are bored of surface level conversations, multi-dating and short-term encounters.

They are searching for more.

Singles share how they feel stuck, under-stimulated and unsatisfied with their experiences and they are left craving a little Je ne sais quoi. We matchmakers understand that they want more conversational depth, more emotional and sexual consciousness, more intellectual stimulation, more alignment and more joy and playfulness in a partnership.

They often ask our dating experts and matchmakers about the modern dating landscape and how to navigate the journey to get closer to the kinds of people they want to align with to make more informed decisions around connection.

The answer to us is simple. Just decide.

Decide to date differently, Decide to meet the kind of people that allign with you. Decide to connect with quality over quantity in people. Decide not to conform to the surface level interactions that take place when swiping. Decide to do more to receive more than you've had before.

Our community are ready to step away from swiping and go beyond the experiences they’ve had so far on the modern dating landscape. They seek so much more for themselves, for their lives, and in love.

Here's what our community have in common:

♠️ They have the same wants in love and life

♠️ They are emotionally and intellectually explorative

♠️ They are on the same wavelength

♠️ They are mutually on the same page about life aspirations, inclusive of level of ambition

♠️ They don’t come up against each others non-negotiables

♠️ They have a similar lifestyle and outlook on the world

♠️ They are aligned in values, wants, needs and desires

♠️ They are a good fit on a practical and logistical level

♠️ They have enough common ground and yet enough polarisation in interests to ensure the connection has enough foundations on which to build conversationally (And so all they need to do it connect and arrange an in person date and check in to see if chemistry is present to pave the way to future meeting)

Want to become our next success story?

Enter into a dating journey that’s empowering, exciting, and filled with connections where you know there will be deep compatibility, no matter the outcome of each introduction. Join a community of people who are so ready to be liberated as the connect together in life and in love connection.

Much Love,

The Love Connections Global Team x


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