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Cuffing Season: It's upon us, but what is it?

It’s that time of year again when matchmakers are particularly busy. You might think it’s because the holiday season is almost upon us and singles set their sights on coupling. However, there’s so much more to it than that; it’s cuffing season.

You may have heard of cuffing season, it’s essentially the time of year when the seasons shift, temperatures drop and we human beings become naturally drawn towards one another for physiological and psychological warmth - it makes absolute sense.

The good news is that it means so many people are actively searching to connect across apps, events and via matchmaking. The bad news is that if you are consciously looking to connect for the longterm you may find yourself in a sea of singles, some who don’t have the same intentions as you, some may have intentions for the short term and not for building a deep emotional connection with a potential significant other.

So how can you set yourself aside from the crowd online? (We say online because all matchmaking community members are looking to connect for a longterm, meaningful and fulfilling relationship)

Here are a few tips:

Make Your Intentions Clear

Be that in a bio, a longer profile or in your conversations with those whom you have connected. Whilst stating what you want seems quite forthright it saves so much time, you may get fewer ‘matches’ but the matches you do get will be of higher quality instantly as they’ll have the same intentions as you.

Share as much about you as possible.

Share what you feel comfortable with to connect (we are mindful on apps you are leaving a digital footprint) but we mean about your passions, interests, hobbies and aspirations. Whilst it can sometimes be difficult to talk about yourself we encourage you to be authentic, honest and open about who you are. Again, this is because those who feel aligned with you will swipe right, match and have more common ground from the get-go.

Step out of your comfort zone

Don’t wait for the other person to make the moves (no matter your gender and no matter the app) with online dating you are often waiting for another person to make the moves so you feel like a person of value. However, just know that you are a person of value and sitting in the seat of passivity waiting for another person to make the move means you will be forever swiping, won’t experience much dating and have a lower chance of becoming an online dating success.

So what’s different about matchmaking?

In our matchmaking community at Love Connections, Global everyone is looking for a committed relationship that is intellectually, emotionally and mutually stimulating. Our matchmakers get really clear on each member's values, wants for a relationship, logistics of their search, and non-negotiables taken from a place of introspection and needs for future romantic connection. Ultimately saving time, emotional input, and energy with the wrong kinds of singles.


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