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About Our Matchmaking Community

The singles in our matchmaking community set themselves aside from any other on the modern dating landscape. This is for many incredible reasons but a common thread our dating and relationship experts have found is that our members are passionate, and purpose-driven and they show up with a high degree of playfulness in all areas of their life.

It’s a unique and beautiful combination our community has in common and it is this that sets our members apart from any other singles on the modern dating landscape.

Our singles want to find deep compatibility with someone equally as passionate and purpose-driven as they are and also with someone who also considers playfulness as a massive part of what they want in a romantic connection. Furthermore, our community are patient in the process to find a romantic connection, they know that its quality over quantity when it comes to their dating journey, and they’re absolutely not seeking multi-date.

Because our members are so passionate they show up in a different way as they navigate the path to finding love; they are already connected to what lights them up and sets their soul on fire. The demeanor of our members is completely different from that of other singles in the dating space and their want for more comes from their already ingrained intellectual, worldly, and playful curiosity.

You might be wondering how does purpose, passion and playfulness show up for them? Here are some of the ways...

They are curious - about others, knowing themselves on a deeper level and so much more about the world around them

They are open-minded - nothing is a given. They realise the more they know, the more they don’t know and there’s so much open-mindedness and beauty in their self-development work.

They are energetically light - they have quiet confidence because they’ve ‘done the work’ to know themselves and what their heart, mind, and body desire.

They embody exploration - they don’t just talk about things they’d like to do, they wholeheartedly explore more in their interests, strive for more professionally, and dive deep into their passions outside of the professional setting.

They are often philanthropic - they are busy building a career they are passionate about but alongside of that lots of our members are building communities, giving back to the world, fundraising or raising awareness about important causes close to their hearts.

They are conscious creators - they create a life they love - setting boundaries, making conscious choices, and welcoming new experiences aligned with their values, wants, and desires.

They know that happiness is the most attractive trait - they ensure to fill their own cup so they can share their happiness with someone else. They feel whole and are seeking a deep connection that’s wholesome. They don’t seek happiness, they want to share their existing happiness with someone they feel deeply connected to.

They embrace exploration, the world is their oyster - we offer localised, nationwide and globalised matchmaking searches because the singles in our community have a global mindset, no matter where they reside. They travel a lot across country or across continents and have a thirst to see more and be more on this beautiful planet. They thrive in exploration when they connect to different cultures, explore different countries and meet other communities.

We know this because our matchmaking team has over a decade of experience in the dating industry and know just what it is that sets our community apart.

If you’re single and relate to being passionate, purpose-driven, and playful then we’d love to hear from you and explore what your matchmaking journey might look like with our community members.


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