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A New Outlook On Love & Dating

Here’s To A New Outlook on Love, Connectors.

We’ve been really mindful not to get lost in the surge of ‘New Year New You’ emails because the truth is you’ll be the same beautiful you as you start this brand new year as you were last year. However, one thing we do hope is that you’ll have a brand new energised outlook on attracting love and creating an incredible journey to dating, connecting and building a fulfilling & committed relationship.

We’ve got so much more in store for you in 2022!

Our staycations are turning into global vacations for single professionals to get offline and get connected. You can enquire for info on Connections Global Escapes right here. Our Matchmaking Membership is going to become even more boutique and exclusive as we will now only welcome 4 actively searching clients per month to further fine-tune our offering on a worldwide scale AND we aim to launch group workshops for our community to help singles get really clear on what conscious romantic connection looks like so your time, energy and emotion can be invested wisely and in the right people.

We, like you, know all too well how the last calendar year came with some set backs for singles meeting and building momentum with one another but we know this year is going to see so many hit the ground running with reconnecting and rekindling an incredible dating journey. We’re absolutely thrilled to be supporting many of you as you take a leap of faith and commit to your journey to connection.

We know the best is yet to come for you in life and in love and so to ensure you make the most of your 2022 dating journey gere are 3 top tips to ensuring you get the most out of hitting the ground running to creating real connection (in real life!) in the upcoming months…

Be present and with each person you connect with

You must remember that matchmaking is nothing like online dating; every person you meet is connected and committed to the process and they really want to find a loving and passionate partnership. Our community are kind, openminded, successful and intellectual beings who want what you want. It’s important that you stay accountable to your goals, yourself and each person in the dating process by fully exploring each connection, staying present and putting your best foot forward with each person you meet. If it turns out a connection s not your forever person just remember that you can have such incredible experiences with each individual you meet, you can learn so much about yourself, refining your partner search and figure out what experiences and who sets your soul on fire. .

Date with purpose

On the upside of the last year or so, it carved out time for many to really connect with their values, relationship wants, desires and goals going forward. Many took time to understand what has served them so far and also what hasn’t been fulfilling and bringing them joy in modern dating. Stay connected to those learnings as you move through the matchmaking process and make deeply informed decisions as you date. Date beyond the superficials that are created with the likes of online dating, our community are beyond that and we know you are too. Each individual at Love Connections is high-achieving, highly engaging and they certainly have high hopes for their love lives, that’s why they come to us. Don’t worry about having to do your due-diligence, we’ve done this legwork for you (alongside the all important deep potential compatibility!) and so you only have to focus on checking in on chemistry levels and creating initial connection.

Remember: Dating doesn’t have to be a painful process.

The dating journey could be fun of joy if you allow it to be. Meeting people for romantic connection doesn’t have to be a painful process - they call it dating for a reason, you are meant to meet more than one person as your journey through - you have to trust the process. We often say actualising dating success which leads to love is preparation meeting opportunity: we are creating opportunities for you based on mutual compatibility and relationship wants, needs and goals. At Love Connections we also look at logistics of international matchmaking as many of your are globalised for work and play as and when you can be. Another reason to note about creating a pain free process is that each person you meet via a matchmaker will be within your search criteria and you within theirs - you can then simply focus on connection and creating joyful experiences and figuring out if you light each other up. If it’s not your forever person, you’ll just just let us know why and you’ll be onto immersing yourself in the next incredible connection as we further refine the process and people we have in mind for you. It’s that simple and it really doesn’t have to be painful, it can be a positive and fulfilling process if you choose and allow it to be.

We are SO excited to see where this year leads and, importantly, to see what love success stories are created in 2022. If you want to be part of the Love Connections matchmaking journey just let us know confidentially right here.

Wishing you the most abundant, fulfilling and connected year ahead. We can’t wait to celebrate with you at the end of it.

With so much love,

Team Love Connections Global x


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