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5 Steps To Social Networking (IRL)

When it comes to finding love we are always focused on the end goal and so, it's easy to forget that all the bits that happen in between not only can be fun, but they should be.

If you don't know where to start and are unsure about the good, bad and ugly of all the apps that help singles search for a someone, why not start slow and get out networking and make new friends?

You might say things like "I'm not so sure how to find a good networking" or "I am not feeling confident enough to be at a networking" or maybe "I'm not so sure what to say at networking events...especially if it's not about work" - can you relate to the stories we tell ourselves?

Well here are 5 top tips to set you up for offline social success:

💕Head to Meetup and find events in your local area (trust me there are hundreds) find some relative to the things you love or would like to do and book yourself a space. You'll be excited to learn something new or in your comfort zone of doing something you already love.

💕Plan ahead a list of things you might ask someone so you feel somewhat prepared and more confident when navigating conversations with new connections.

💕Work the room like you are the one who is hosting the party. This way you'll meet as many people as possible at the event, you'll be memorable for your sociable nature and you'll radiate confidence (even if you don't quite feel it inside!)

💕Enjoy the process of meeting new people in person. Often, we are busy social networking online and those in person, in real-life interactions can be minimal if we fail to put ourselves out there.

💕Remember: “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.” That can be a fear of meeting the wrong person, fear of giving our heart, fear of connection, fear of vulnerability or fear of the unknown. Feel that fear and just do it anyway.

Happy networking y'all.

Big Love, Sarah & The LL team xx


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