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How Online Dating Has Changed The Way We Connect

Online dating is part of modern day life. You no longer have to get all dressed up and flock to your nearest bar in hope to find a potential partner. From the comfort of your own home and pyjamas of your choice, you have the luxury to find your perfect match with minimal effort required.

For years now dating apps have changed the way we connect, they provide a lot more choice. No longer are we restricted to dating within our social circle, class hierarchy or even location. We have the ability to choose what qualities we want in a partner while searching through a more diverse pool.

“Today, 41% of online singles globally have used online dating apps or sites within the past month.”

I am an avid dating app user, there I said it. I like having full control of how others perceive me; I can give as much or as little away as I want on my profile and of course, display my best pictures. It has also given me the confidence to start conversations. I would never do that in person, the fear of rejection is real! If you get rejected online, you can delete the message and pretend it never happened!

According to the Digital Market Outlook, there is expected to be 5.8 million users using Online dating by 2023.

I know what you’re thinking, that is A LOT of people! At times the industry leaders; tinder, badoo, and bumble can be very overwhelming — swiping and scrolling for hours on end. You think you’ve found a good one, to open their profile to find out they are a cat person! Not ideal for dog lovers.

With the new breed of niche dating apps, finding the ‘ideal candidate’ is now a whole lot easier… If you want to date a pet lover, somebody who shares your religion or just looking for a one night stand there is a dating app for your every need!

With online dating a thing of modern culture — we created L’Elite. A refreshing way to meet like-minded people, with added extras not found on other platforms. Available on iOS and Android, you can download here.

The stigma of online dating is well and truly behind us.


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