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The Matchmaker Academy. A Training School For Aspiring Matchmakers.

The Matchmaker Academy is a training school for matchmakers - yes one really does exist!

The Academy provides training and support to budding cupids who would like to become a professional matchmaker and set up their own dating agency. In a world of dating apps and dating sites, there is still a huge demand for people wanting to meet their soulmate a more traditional way. matchmakers might have a reputation for being ‘last chance saloons’ but times have changed and more eligible singletons are turning to matchmakers to help them find love than ever before.

Founded by Caroline Brealey, the award winning matchmaker behind London based matchmaking agency Mutual Attraction, the Academy was set up after Caroline’s personal experiences getting into matchmaking.

“I knew I had an eye for a good match and good intuition and of course I’d matched my friends which is how most matchmakers start out. But I didn’t know how to turn it into a career or how it would work with people who weren’t friends and were paying money to be matched. There wasn’t any information out there and it was really tough work and lonely getting started. I hope the Matchmaker Academy means people who are passionate about becoming a matchmaker can have the support needed to start.”

Here's a snap shot of some of the modules...

There are 3 ways you can gain your matchmaker certification; 1:1 coaching, attending a live weekend bootcamp or completing an online course.

Since launching the online course ‘Matchmaker Academy Online’ people from across the Globe have been taking the training with graduates from China, Canada, US and Europe. It’s not just training though, 1 of the best parts of being involved in the Academy is the support network of other matchmakers so you’re never truly doing it on your own.

The Academy training is taught by Caroline and a range of dating industry experts including Saskia Nelson, James Preece, Laura Yates and of course Sarah Louise Ryan!


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