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Pickable Dating App - Empowering Women Online

What a treat to welcome Tamara Goldstein into the studio to talk about putting women back into the driving seat in their search for a suitor online. Goldstein, CEO & Founder of Pickable has just launched her dating app in London & Paris after huge success in NYC. Her launch party in the UK capital attracted the likes of the 2018 Love Island cast who wanted a piece of the Pickable action.

Pickable is an app that lets female users pick the men they want to chat with without leaving a digital footprint in the digital dating space. Users can expect an app which lets women romantically ‘shop around' much more easily and enables guys to stop the monotonous swiping and browsing of profiles of women. Inevitably a single using pickable can expect a fun, direct and fuss free dating app experience.

Tamara and I got to grips with the following in this episode:

  • Why is there a need for an app like this and how did she realise it was necessary?

  • What has she learned about dating apps and how is she bridging a gap

  • Does she think she will put a spanner in the offline matchmaking works due to the level of autonomy her app creates

  • We talk about how men love the app just as much as much as women and why

  • Why has she launched in so many cities and what radius can users expect to match within

  • Tamara gives her three success tips for a new single putting themselves online today

  • We touch on how the app is timely with the Me Too movement and how putting women back in the driving seat is now essential

  • We talk about the next steps for Pickable and what we can expect to see

It was so exciting to meet a funny, smart female from a FinTech background who spotted a gap in the dating market and went for it. Entrepreneurial and exactly what the online singles scene needs today.


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