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Dating Men: Understanding & Communication. An interview with The Man Whisperer.

One of the most authentic, insightful and interesting interviews to date at Love Lessons was with the wonderful Kenny Mammadella D’Cruz aka The Man Whisperer. Kenny is a man that put quite simply understands men, he understands how they communicate, internalise and vocalise their feeling, Kenny also helps women understand how men communicate which inevitably means they can attract or deepen a connection with a potential partner.

Kenny talks us through his background and how it came to be that he is an expert in dating, relationships, social dynamics and how men understand and communicate themselves. As a personal development coach, Kenny helps men understand their past so they gave transform their future.

The Man Whisperer and I got to grips with the following in this episode:

  • How Kenny helps men understand their past in order to transform their future.

  • We discuss a man meeting a woman as an equal and communicating equally.

  • We learn all about the transformation game and what it means to be authentic.

  • Kenny tells us his views of online dating and the grey areas for men and women.

  • We talk about love, communication in marriage and how to overcome grievances in marriage

  • The event MenFlirt which helps men with expression, body language and authenticity in their personal and professional lives.

  • Kenny gives us his top tips for a date and building connection and we find out about how people can work with Kenny.

I can’t wait for you to jump right in and listen to this deeply insightful interview with Kenny - The Man Whisperer. Launching the first week of February 2019 on the Love Lessons podcast every day at 9pm - Click here to listen in to a dating and relationship expert who really understands communication on Love Lessons at Women’s Radio Station.



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