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Dating Gone Digital. The App Rundown.

Dating apps are evolving in such a fast and a furious way that we are now partnering within proximity, looking to couple due to convenience and all from the comfort of our sofa, probably in our pyjamas watching the latest Netflix addition. Singles that are willing to travel to all corners of the globe in order to find love are few and far between but there are some apps which seem to be all the rage, a few tried and tested by myself. There really isn't any slowing down with the download of these apps so surely we want to know what's out there, who is who and what pools of people we really want to be swimming in when online dating? Here's the app low-down:

It's all happening with Happn. I have to admit with Happn being just about the topic of every singles dating conversation at the moment I did download it myself to see what all the craic was about. I met a few really fabulous people on there, intellects with great jobs/businesses, zest for life and (thank goodness) great intentions for their love lives. However, I had to draw the line for two reasons. Reason one) over a few drinks with some friends on a Saturday afternoon in my local my phone buzzed, I had been charmed. I took a quick glance at the app and decided to ignore it for now and get back to my conversation with a couple of my closest friends. I looked up and I kid you not the digitial charmer himself was stood by the bar looking straight at me. #awkward. Too close to home for my liking but thought I would give the app a second chance. Reason two for drawing the line) opening the app to realise you've crossed paths with an ex 3 times in one day. #100%awkward. I thought about changing my criteria but in the end it's a no from me, I get this proximity thing with a 257 yard radius, but am ready to broaden my horizons. Sorry Happn.

Double trouble. Taking the pressure out of dating, Double as featured on Dragons Den, has positioned itself as the dating app for doubles, I am sure you would agree this poses great opportunity for safer dating and could simply be a lot more fun. Group dating can take away those awkward moments in the first instance but I can't help but think about Double, what if you're not the perfect dating pair and end up fancying the same person. Perhaps this could be the ultimate awkward moment and could make you wish you had just stuck to a date with your mate?

When you only need one match - Once. When less really is more, Once, is a time-pressured app for those serious singles aged between 18-40 looking for that certain someone. Once sends only one match per day at mid-day and you have 24 hours to respond to the person. Once claims to have personal matchmakers verifying the pictures of each new user and singles report the simplicity of using the app is perfect for partnering. I am a big believer that it is not quantity of matches but quality and so here's hoping that Once lives up to it's name; hey I am a Matchmaker after all.

Always wanted to be part of The Inner Circle? With a tag line 'carefully selected and cleverly connected' the inner circle seems to do what it says on the tin by connecting ambitious, like-minded singles via selective dating in-app, offline events and again with a promise of quality in matches over quantity.


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