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Back On The Dating Bandwagon? Here's a clue where to get started...

Firstly, Happy New Year! Yey - the first pages aka week of your 365 page blank book have been written and I hope you are all planning to write the most fabulous one yet. So what does it have in store? I am certain if you are anything like me you have set some really great intentions, goals and resolutions for 2016. The problem is that we set so many tasks it can all just get a little bit overwhelming- trying to achieve the ultimate life... all in the month of January! So my plan for this blog is to make some dating goal suggestions that are realistic, achievable & hopefully actionable enough to put you one step closer to finding love.

1. Online Dating Firstly have a think about the message that you want to give off, the pools you want to mix in & the person you want to attract. Join one or two online sites that really resonate with you. Have a read of 7 Love Lessons to help you out in advance of this. Take a look at the options out there to give you the best online dating profile & up your databilty. Top Tip: Take a look at 'Building A Winning Online Dating Profile In 5 Steps' in advance to give you a good idea of how to get started and whizz through the whole admin bit of the dating process!

2. Events A seriously daunting activity knowing that every single person in the same room is single and ready to mingle. One thing you may forget is that they are in exactly the same boat as you & in my years of experience, going it alone without a wingman or wingwoman bodes well for soirée success. Put yourself out there at one of the fun, innovative events where like-minded singles mingle. There are so many cool, exciting & innovative options when it comes to singles events nowadays, get stuck in. Top Tip: try this once a month, you may even make a bigger circle of single friends to hang out with!

3. Offline Introductions Have a look at what offline personal introductions companies are out there and able to cover your scope of search. You will most certainly meet the kind of person that does not want to be online due to their position in career or perhaps they are more serious in their search or do not want to waste time. If this sounds like you then leave it in the hands of those professional dating experts. Top Tip: Think about what financial investment you are ready to make to find the one and search only for traditional matchmaking companies that fit within your financial bracket. Do your research with the relevant governing bodies for said companies.

4. Just Say Hello There is a chance, dare I say it, that you may come across someone dashingly handsome or delightfully beautiful in your local coffee shop or whilst picking up a loaf of bread at Waitrose. What is the worst that can happen if you just say hello, ask for the time or ask where they purchased an item they are donning? It may seem like a daunting task but we can not hide behind our laptops & iphones forever in dating- we do have to tackle the human element to make a relationship work. Top Tip: Try saying hello to someone new everyday, wherever, whenever. You never know who you might meet!


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