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Oh What A Night! UK Dating Awards 2015

A gorgeous evening was had at the UK Dating Awards 2015 this November. Jetlagged from NYC to London I rocked up to say hello to lots of old friends and many new in the dating industry, both on and offline, and I have to say the evening did not disappoint. I had a particularly fabulous time as I am sure I was sat on the winners table (and I just flew in for the fizz!).

Judged by a team of industry experts in all different areas, the panel was a diverse and mixed bag of gurus, who have plenty to say about the wonderful world of finding love in the UK. It was a packed night for the second year in a row with a great atmosphere to say the least, our table had a fit of the giggles that's for sure with matchmakers, dating experts and dating journalists giving their two cents in a year of dating since 2014.

In particular it was such a nice touch to see 30 years of industry service noted by the panel and so many in the room as Mary Balfour picked up surprise Founders Award for her contribution to offline traditional matchmaking in London - this lady knows her stuff and I can certainly promise there is nothing she has not seen in the way of dating and changes to the industry in such a period of time.

With many winners who are all very much deserving of their awards, it seems there are so many new directions the industry is heading in, with so many new companies finding their niche to help singles along the way to finding the love they so deserve. Check out a list of who picked up what award this 2015 here: winners UKDA2015.

Here's to many more years of celebrating the best of the best in the British Dating Industry and crediting those who bring so much expertise in order to bring value to the lives of singles across the UK. The awards are continuing to grow in credibility as well as ensuring accountability is there for those who have the hearts in the hands of those searching for someone special

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