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Instant Coffee. Instant Shopping. Instant Everything. Why Should Love Be Any Different?

Instant love. That's what we all want, especially in big cities. Singles who have great jobs, great social lives, great gym memberships and great trips abroad are looking for someone great to fill a void. We are living in such an instant world now with technology helping us along the way, we want what we want and we want it when we want it. Why should love be any different?

The truth is it is meant to be different. Love is not instant. We have forgotten as human beings how to cultivate in dating and therefore, in love. We have forgotten what it means to nurture a friendship that turns into something greater, something more meaningful. With instant access to masses of people who are single and fitting within our specified criteria, who are also accessible to us in a one mile radius.; thanks to the world of dating apps. Surely the dating world would expect love to be instantaneous, I have seen it I can assure you that.

The possibilities of meeting singletons are endless and so if the boxes are ticked, the attraction is there then surely it should be love at first sight/swipe? Right? Well no obviously that's not true. I read something recently that really struck a chord with me regarding how we all want love like it is in the movies. I am sure it will resonate with you too if you are either A) single B) In the Dating Industry.

"Can you imagine a nation being born in two hours? Meeting the person who will become the love of your life- the dating, courtship, romance, struggle, triumph, wedding and life there-after- in two hours? Of course not. But in a world filled with instant coffee, instant breakfast, instant credit, instant shopping, instant news and instant information, we have come dangerously close to losing touch with reality and believing we have access to instant life."

I believe all of the above is true. We are happy to sew the seeds when looking for love & instantly want the harvest- but where is the cultivation? I suppose what we really ought to be doing is giving each person we date a real chance and not adhering to the 'next please' mentality that online dating & dating apps allow us. Yes we should use all means necessary to find love and give us the best chance of finding a partner but are we really investing time in each person and cultivating in both the trials and the triumphs that it really takes to build a strong relationship?

Let's slow down. Keep your coffee instant and cultivate in your love life.

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