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10 Signs He's A Real Keeper

Whether you’re dating someone brand spanking new or you have been exclusive for a while here at 10 sure signs that he is a keeper. Finding your partner can be a turbulent process and so when you find that someone treasure them for all time...

He’s emotionally intelligent. This is high on the ‘list’ of wants in a perfect partner and it’s so important to have a companion who can fully recognise what mood you are in, how to act in a certain situation and is able to be strong when you need them to be. If you have someone special with high emotional intelligence chances are they are worth keeping.

He makes small gestures. It’s not your birthday, it’s not Valentines day and it’s certainly not Christmas but he brings you your fave chocolates, makes a great cup of tea without you asking or pop’s over with flowers on a Wednesday night...just because. The gesture no matter how big or small shows he really appreciates you and probably makes you want to smooch his face off.

He’s always really in the room with you. We all know we are fully switched on to the rest of the world all of the time and so having a conversation is not like it was in the 90’s- our attention spans have plumetted. Having some that is able to switch off from everything around them and tune into your love bubble is really worth hanging on to. If he’s really in the room with you then that’s a sure sign he feels strongly about you.

He wants you to hang out with his friends. Reason being you are his friend too, his best friend probably and so he has the same respect for you as he does for his friends or if you’re dating someone new and he can’t wait to introduce you to his friends- thats a sure sign he likes you big time.

He always wants your opinion. He obviously really values your input on those big decisions or perhaps even the small ones. Engaging in a conversation with you and asking for your direction is so appreciated and shows big love; whether it's something new or a 30 year long marriage.

You compromise with each other. The key to lasting relationships is to evolve together with change and with this comes compromise. If you both are always find the middle ground with each other on tough decisions then this is vital for forever. Compromising is everything in life and in love.

He tells you that he is proud of you or you really inspire him. If you drive each other and he vocalises the way you motivate him to his own goals then he is really a keeper. This is back to emotional intlligence and is a real manly, beautiful thing to say to you.

Nothing ever seems too complicated with you both. If each moment you spend together feels like you can breath a sigh of relief from the rest of the world & perhaps there is just calm to the surrounding chaos of day to day life when you are both together. This is really an amazing thing to have and share. Another great sign this is set to last.

Home is whenever you’re both together. If you travel alot together or apart or perhaps you have had to do the long distance thing at some point for whatever reason. If you find that no matter where you are in the world you can set up home together then this is a great gauge that this is love for the long-term.

You embrace each others quirks. Embracing each others quirks and accepting that nobody in the world is perfect is the key to something really special. If he doesn’t try to change a thing about you and vise versa then sounds like you have mastered the art of really loving someone.

My advice is to love hard, love often. Enjoy your life and your love because today is gone and tomorrow is never promised.


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