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Have You Been Kissing Too Many Frogs?

Sarah Ryan spoke to Naomi Nightingale features writer for Lets Get Weddy about Kissing too many frogs in order to find your Prince…here’s what they had to say!

We’ve all done it, perked up for someone less worthy than the average garden frog, just hoping against hope that he would turn into a prince. With each failure, we can become more disheartened and the idea of finding a soul mate becomes little more than a distant fantasy. For those ladies who suffer from the “always a bridesmaid never a bride” syndrome even the thought of weddings can be hard to swallow. So while you may not be here to get weddy we can certainly help to get your ready for your prince.

Seeking advice we turned to some fabulous matchmakers to get their answers to some very tricky dating questions. Here’s we found out:

What are the big dating mistakes women make?

I would say that women often stick to their type, their ideals. Good looking- Daniel Craig-esque guys with a great job and to be honest not much else. Women are not considering their values and morals deep enough. My advice would be to consider your criteria- is it too specific with too many boxes to tick? Remember we are not popping to Waitrose to gather our shopping list we’re building a relationship that is long-lasting and needs compromise.

In a world of dating apps, online dating and ever present catfish, how can women meet men organically?

Women need to immerse themselves in a male dominated environment; places where they are the minority, like sporting spectator events. Women feel they may come across as desperate in these cases but when you’re pro-active in your search for a partner surely you give yourself the best chance.

What are the dating deal-breakers?

When it comes to dating one of the biggest deal breakers for all is someone who is a social chameleon. Singles do not like to meet someone who just tells them what they want to hear and doesn’t engage on a personal level. You can always tell on a date when someone is not being genuine.

What dating mistakes put men off?

The look of desperation can put men off. Direct questions on a first date are intimidating, pressurising and quite frankly scary for men. Slow down!!! Take it easy. Ask him how his day was first.

When it comes to the topic of sex, what are the dating rules?

Of course wait. The later the better. Men like the chase and you don’t want to give up interest too soon; get to know one another and don’t confuse lust with chemistry.

Why do some women never seem to find the good guys?

Some women never seem to find the good guys because their expectations are unrealistic. Too many barriers are built, too many boxes placed on their tick list and again they are searching for that ideal partner and he simply isn’t anywhere.

Why are so many women in a relationship rush?

Women want to have everything and they want to orchestrate it flawlessly. They are the biggest pressure to themselves. Whether it’s relationships, family life, career or children, it really is a juggling act although they should learn not to be so hard on themselves

What is the key to a successful long-term relationship?

Don’t sweat the small things and to pick your arguments wisely.

By Naomi Nightingale and Sarah Ryan

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