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The Flirting How To Guide: 7 Top Tips

So, Flirting. Something that comes naturally to few and yet to those many singles out there- we can tend to hit a stumbling block. If you're currently out there dating lots of perspective partners or maybe a certain someone then here's 7 tips to help you along the way to schmoozing your suitor.

Many of us have forgotten how to flirt, maybe it's because we are working too hard and become slightly socially deviant or perhaps it's because we can create a brand new personality hiding behind our dating app screens and then when it comes down to the crunch we have to live up to those 'I'm the most eligible person for you' expectations. It’s time to lay this flirting thing to bed (metaphorically) and give singles looking to know more about the art of wooing someone a little nudge in the right direction...

  • Subtlety is key. In fact, start with this. Obvious flirting can potentially be perceived as arrogance no matter what sex you are! It is crucial to test the waters with your prospective; especially if it is a first date.

  • Set the tone of the date by finding some common ground – this shows interest and quite frankly, emotional intelligence. The common ground factor could be a similar interest, hobby or place you have been on holiday- this will put your date at ease and most importantly give you something to talk about to kick-start your time together.

  • Make eye contact. Doing this shows you are engaging, interested and not distracted. Sometimes when it comes to dating we can give off the wrong signals. This can be down to nerves, we all get those first date jitters.

  • Body language speaks volumes. Keep yourself facing inward, don’t fold your arms and ensure to keep your attention on your date. It not only shows you are interested (which in this case we are assuming you are!) it shows you have good manners. Nobody wants to date someone with the attention span of a gold fish…

  • Smile always; it cost’s nothing. I am a thorough believer that smiling brings a warm energy internally and externally to yourself and those around you. A smile can put anyone at ease in a stressful situation- make your date feel comfortable!

  • Compliment your date but make sure to be sincere. If you’re going to throw a compliment out there make sure you mean it- don’t just fill time and space. Your date will appreciate it and it takes two seconds. It could be anything but make it small- their hair, shirt or even a tie!

  • Last but not least. Be 100% natural. By this I mean be yourself- don’t force a situation, be true to your own values. Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.


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