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The Green Flags In Dating

We’re delighted to be bringing so many of you together for dates offline, in real life again - where all meaningful relationships are built.

Given that so many of you have been away from the modern dating scene for a while, there is every chance that you feel a little bit disconnected from what feels good, from what feels right and from what connects us in a healthy way, romantically speaking.

We believe that what you think about you attract, so instead of looking out for the red flags in dating, why not focus on spotting the green flags?

A healthy relationship, even in the beginning stages should have lots of elements to build the foundations for trust, accountability, safety, honesty, cooperation and support. Here’s a few green flags to look out for when meeting someone new…

They practice self-care & invest in personal growth

They are reflective on their past experiences

They actively listen to you

They are vulnerable and share the space for you to be vulnerable

They communicate their boundaries and honour yours.

They are self-sufficient

They have healthy hobbies

They takes responsibility & share responsibilities

They are empathetic to you and others

They have strong and long standing interpersonal relationships

Respects & Encourages your individuality

They share words of affirmation about you both as things progress

Whilst it’s important to be aware of the red flags you hear so much about it’s important to consciously connect your awareness to the healthy green flags too for a well-rounded approach to building a positive dating journey. To start your dating journey with matchmaking or coaching

enquire with us.


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