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Staycations Winter Weekender: Speaker Line-up Announced

We’re delighted that our next Staycations singles weekender is just around the corner and we’ve just announced our speaker line-up. Staycays ensure singles get offline and get connected, in the most fun way. The idea is a low-pressure, action packed weekend with fun activities, experts and connection in great company/

So, without further ado, here’s the line-up of speakers for the next Staycation, November 29th - 1st December in Buckinghamshire.

Helping people find, build and deepen romantic relationships since 2011. Sarah has worked as an international matchmaker, dating expert, coach and advisor on relationships globally. You can find Sarah hosting her radio show Love Lessons, in house as Resident Dating Expert at MFC OR or coaching singles globally. Sarah is the venture co-founder of Staycations.

Talk: Setting Yourself Up For 2020 Love Success

Venture co-founder of Staycations, Charlie has been organising great singles events across London since 2017, encouraging people to get offline and meet differently. Her idea is simple: sign up, attend a unique event, and start meeting awesome new people. If you haven’t met Charlie, now’s your chance to get all her top tips to navigate singles events successfully and have fun along the way.

Talk: Building Swipe-Right Dating Profiles

Dubbed “The Man Whisperer” by ‘Newsweek’ Kenny gets men self-aware, self-respecting and ready to meet life with passion, purpose, power and a special twinkle in their eye that attracts the best that life can bring. He founded MenSpeak men’s groups 17 years ago and has worked with a private client for a couple of decades in London, Sydney, SanFran and online.

Talk: Which Part of You Attracts Love?

Popular writer about dating and the search for love, Glen talks about all things from overcoming the hurdles in modern dating to communication and confidence on the dating scene. You can hear advice from Glen over on his blog or at My Friend Charlie as he Decodes Dating with Sarah.

Talk: Navigating Dating With Confidence & Good Communication


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