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Family Issues At Christmas? Here's How To Deal...

It's not always the most wonderful time of the year. Bustle asked our founder, London Dating Expert & Coach Sarah Louise Ryan, if she could put together some strategies to navigate Christmas if your partner doesn't get along with his or her family. Here's a snippet from the article:

Whether it’s conflicting views or past resentments there are ways that you can support your partner through the festive period and come out unscathed and still in a relationship. Dating & Relationship Expert Sarah Louise Ryan says, “if things are tricky with the immediate or extended family of your partner you can turn things around energetically to make this a wonderful time of year for the two of you. Start new traditions, make new memories and embrace the happiness bubble between the two of you. Love starts with ourselves and is shared between partners in a relationship so put both of you first and support each other through those tricky family relationships. Just let each other know that you have totally got Christmas as a team and you’ll make it a great time of year, I’m sure.”


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