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Eradicating shame & promoting sex-positive conversations. Time To Raise It Movement & Report with

Today is International Men’s Day and our founder Sarah Louise Ryan is proud, as are we, to be celebrating all things men by announcing that she is the founding Relationship Expert and partner for the Time To Raise It movement alongside Upjohn, Men’s Health Forum, and other incredible mental, sexual and physical health experts.

To mark this wonderful day of the male the Time to Raise It movement have shared a report which aims to eradicate the shame and stigma associated with erectile problems and normalise the intricacies that can take place when people connect together between the sheets (or wherever!). This morning alone the report has been featured in the Metro, The Sun, WCR Register.

The report shares that an estimated 5 million men in the UK experience EPs and it is not just affecting older men, but those in their 20s to 30s, and so, it’s Time To Raise It. Sarah said of the movement

“As many of you know I’m wildly passionate about connection both emotionally and physically between human beings because I believe, in the end, it’s the one thing we all want. Being part of this movement is an incredible opportunity to contribute positively to create the space for both men and couples to share their stories, to reconnect and to normalise those all important conversations around sex”

Below are all the sexy hotspots in the UK on our recent survey for passion points. And here is the link to our report for the Time To Raise It Movement

Let’s work towards greater joy in sex, greater connectivity, more meaningful conversations around sex & EP’s and watch this space as we work towards raising it. #timetoraiseit


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