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Mindfully Unmatching: To Ghost & Be Ghosted.

Have you met Josie May? If you have - gosh, how lucky are you? And if you haven't, you have absolutely got to tune into this episode of Love Lessons where we talk all things unmatching.

Basically, ghosting really has got a grip on the modern world of dating online and offline and it's something that's really got my goat! I asked the gorgeous, glamorous and straight talking Mancunian dating coach Josie May to come into the Love Lessons studio on Women's Radio Station and talk all things unmatching. I wanted to teach about being mindful when drawing a line under love or just someone who's time has been invested in you or vise versa.

Specifically I wanted to know why people ghost, what happens in the lead up to ghosting someone, what does it feel like to be ghosted and how can we not let being ghosted affect how we feel about ourselves and our ability to attract love into our lives.

It's a real thing online, it's a real thing after one or two dates, it happens to those who have been dating for a decade or those who are married (where one partner just ups and leaves) Josie May and I really got into it and discussed the nitty gritty of ghosting.

Want to hear what we had to say? I would absolutely love to share with you. It's not often us dating experts sit down and talk about the negatives and the realities of what goes on out there when someone pulls a houdini, but it just felt so necessary after hearing about it so often as dating coaches.

Big Love,

Sarah xx

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