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Dating Confidence & Performance Coaching.

Now, you've all heard me rattle on about the amazing singles weekender in the UK for busy single professionals (STAYCATIONS FYI) but now it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to James who will be joining us on the panel of dating and relationship coaches.

James has has the pleasure of meeting with our venture collaborators My friend charlie to talk all the ins and outs of confidence ahead of him joining us at staycations. Here's a snippet from the interview with the core of what he thinks can help you along the way to great success in anything, not just finding love but all areas of your life.

  1. Being crystal clear on the results you want

  2. Mapping out the process to get the results

  3. Programming your subconscious to take you there

Want to read the whole interview with James to find out what confidence coaching is all about? Well, head over to the MFC website and find out more here.

Or are you far more interested in meeting James in person and getting all your confidence, dating and relationship questions answered. Well, here's a sneak peek inside what you can expect on our staycations weekender for sociable single professionals.

We can not wait to see you there. To book head over to the singles events booking page here.



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