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Positively Change The Course of Your Love Life.

Today I will have the pleasure of interviewing dating expert in London, Jess, on Love Lessons at Women's Radio Station. I am so excited to have her on the show talking all things health and wellbeing in finding love offline. Having run singles events for most of my London matchmaking career I am so excited to welcome a like-minded dating industry professional into the space on air where we can talk about finding real life connections.

We'll get to grips with mindset and why it matters, we will also talk about events and how they promote a growth mindset via new experiences and we will get to learn more about her role as a project manager of singles events, for the solo traveller in and around London to find and build relationships & connection offline.

if you want to change the course of your love life, or you know someone who does, then you should tune in to Women's radio at 2pm everyday this week to Love Lessons.

Big Love,

Sarah xx

p.s. Jess is the project manager for our collaborative event Staycations take a look here...



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