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What Classifies As Cheating & What Causes Us To Cheat? London Relationship Experts Discuss...

Let's talk about cheating. All the way from sliding into someones DM's to getting to grips with someone else under the duvet. I had tonnes to say as I headed to the Videoblogg studios where I joined Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz who also shared his opinion.

We were lucky enough to have a studio audience and two wonderful presenters with nail on the head questions around this tricky topics when it comes to dating, relationships, exclusivity and sexclusivity.

Trust me this is an interesting one to tune into as there are two experts on the sofa, both with differing opinions on cheating, we even discuss if infidelity can help strengthen a relationship and if so, how so.

We get to grips with the topical conversation of digital messaging, social media, online apps, sexual curiosity and communicating all of the above with you're partner (or not!)

Tune in here. Videoblogg said this "In this episode of "Listen Up" JG and Sukaina are joined by two relationship experts Sarah Louise Ryan and Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz talking all things cheating: What counts as cheating? is Cheating ever acceptable? Why do we cheat?"

I would also be interested to know your thoughts so please drop me a message and be in touch and if you would like to be interviewed or featured in the future as a case study for anything cheating related I would love to hear from you.

Have you ever been cheated on or, infact, have you cheated on someone else? If so, why - how and in what circumstances!?

Drop by and say hi! I would love to hear from you.

Big Love - Sarah x



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