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How Changing Your Energy Could Change Your Life, Attract Love & Raise Your Vibes.

Love Lessons, the place where we discuss everything from dating, relationships, breakups and divorce to starting over again again as a single is about to talk all things energy! It was so exciting to welcome Yvette Taylor to the studio where we discussed creating a life you love with the law of attraction getting ready for love.

Yvette is the founder of the energy alignment method and for me, personally, I was so excited to have her on the show as I truly believe that when we are in the right mindset, have the right energy levels and are in a good place emotionally and physically that we can attract whatever we want into our lives.

I often find that people are in jobs they hate, they are doing commutes they hate or are living a life they simply don’t love and how they think and feel about themselves is really a good or bad dominos effect on their lives. What is your take on that and how can changing our energy change our lives.

Yvette says that "using EAM you can let go of stress, overwhelm, physical or emotional pain, memories and traumatic experiences. EAM is an transformational self help method based on a foundation of energy medicine, neuroscience research, the Law of Attraction and Traditional Chinese medicine. This technique combines principles from Kinesiology, neuro linguistic programming and positive psychology"

Here's what we discussed:

- How changing your energy changes your life.

- The Law of Attraction, what it means and how it affects our lives

- The implementation of the law of attraction

- The 5 stages of to get into flow and the euphoria of living life in a flow state

- The energy alignment method how we can use it to successfully attract - and align ourselves with a life partner.

- Cultivating community - Yvette's community of coaches, coach training, how they help people achieve their goals and become more grounded. How communities in general can help you work towards your goals (geared towards singles making a bigger community for themselves with other like-minded singles and friends to attract the right partner)

I can’t wait for you to jump right in and listen to this deeply insightful interview with Yvette- align your energy and everything else in your life will align too. Click here to listen in to a dating and relationship expert who really understands communication on Love Lessons at Women’s Radio Station.


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