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Interview With Hey Saturday - Perfecting Your Online Dating Profile

I am so excited to be interviewing award-winning, world renowned dating photographer Saskia Nelson. Saskia is head honcho & founder of Hey Saturday - the world’s leading online dating photography business.

Saskia has been in the dating industry for years and has high standards for quality photographs for singles looking to put their best foot forward in finding love in the world of apps and online dating platforms. Love Lessons at Women's Radio Station are thrilled to welcome Saskia into the studio where we will get to grips with her expert advice to ensure singles have online dating success in 2019. Saskia will teach us what it is about dating profiles that holds singles back from finding love. She'll also spoil us with her top tips about how to transform your photos and make your profile not only swipe-rightable but date winning.

We will be lucky enough to get an insight into what men find attractive in snaps, what women find attractive and what so many people are doing wrong! Saskia is going to give us an insight into why we struggle so much in putting our best foot forward to attract the love we so deserve.

Also, I am interested in finding out what Saskia’s journey has been like as a female founder in the dating industry, one of the biggest markets to enter and succeed in. Saskia will inspire us with her journey to building a globally successful business and reputation in toe. GO GIRL!

Saskia has since founded Hey Tuesday, a business which enables individuals to brand themselves for professional success on multiple platforms. We will learn the steps, the consistency and the tenacity it takes to put yourself out their and succeed as a single or as a professional with the help of Saskia and her team.


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