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Sexclusivity & Dating. An Uncensored Interview with Rosalind Hull.

Let’s talk about sex baby. I AM SO excited about this interview - a fun, uncensored and unstoppable conversation with Rosalind Hull. The 'rules and regulations' of sex and dating are still at a sticking point despite the fact that traditions and expectations in dating are being bent, broken and kicked to the curb. We get to chatting in this episode of Love Lessons about when you meet someone new how long do you wait to have sex? Are we having sex with one person or numerous people? How to navigate the modern day dating scene - should we waiting to have sex and is it times old or times new with the 3 date rule?

So exciting to have interviewed Rosalind Hull about all things sex and the score on the bedroom door. We were so excited to have her in the studio where she got to tell us about her theatre company and her latest production which is all about online dating, sex and the trials and tribulations that come with online communication in dating with a range of singles looking for love. Rosie talks about her apps of choice in her search for love and how to navigate them.

What do we get to grips with in this episode of Love Lessons:

  • Situationships & non-committal dating

  • Sex and exclusivity in dating

  • Which are Rosie’s apps of choice

  • Sexpectations - which date is the date to have sex

  • Communicating online with other singles

  • Conversion rates from online matches to offline dates

  • Being single in London and the intricacies of being single in such a big city

  • Expectations of women and having sex today

  • Feeling empowered and understanding her needs

This was simply one of my favourite conversations on Women’s Radio Station and Love Lessons. A free flowing and fun conversation about love, searching for love, sex and when to have it. Rosie is just a normal hard working female in London who shares her experience about exclusively dating and exclusivity and I can’t wait for you to listen in.

Big Love,

Sarah x

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