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Discussion With A Couples Therapist. The Process of Ghosting & Being Ghosted.

Have you ever been ghosted? Have you ghosted someone or thinking about doing so? If yes to any - this video is for you. Relationship Expert Sarah Louise Ryan & Couples Therapist Rena Cokayne discuss ghosting from a professional perspective and their personal experiences - ghosting on both sides.

Why do people 'Ghost'? What do they go through before they ghost? And, how does it feel to be ghosted? We discuss..

  • The process and heartbreak one must go through before they disappear

  • The action itself and is there a good way to ghost someone?

  • The inability to deal with someone else's feelings as they struggle to digest their own

  • The feelings of being ghosted - like a death but more painful as you know the person is still on this earth but has not only rejected your relationship but you as a person

  • Teaching yourself to fall out of love

  • Loss of control and how to create routine again

  • Understanding that no two relationships are the same and not everyone will ghost you. Don’t get too good at goodbyes!

  • Forgive yourself for what didn’t walk out because the right person is out there for you somewhere.

Big Love xx

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