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5 Great Reasons To Date A Divorcee

We all have our dealbreakers in life, especially when it comes to dating. Whether you have 1 or 10 dealbreakers on your imaginary perfect partner list I can assure you that there are so many reasons that dating a divorcee should not be one of them. Here’s why...

They are not scared of commitment. One thing is for sure a divorcee is not shy of making the ultimate commitment to the person that means the most to them. You can rest assured that if he or she really likes you that they intend to take it to the next level.

Divorcees are serious in their search for love again. Getting back on the dating scene for a divorcee is often tough as it’s either been a while since they were last in this position or of course they never intended to be back here again. Every divorcee that has ever crossed my path as a dating expert has been fully immersed in the process to finding their happy ever after. They have all wanted the next ‘one’ to be the last. No games to be played here.

They know who they are. Chances are they have been through a tough process previously and learnt alot about themselves and who they truly are along the way. This is a great thing as you are sure to be dating someone with that ever so sought after ‘emotional itelligence’ trait when it comes to divorcees. Phew, you can relax now.

Far more realistic expectations. They know what it actually takes to have two ever changing human beings share their life together in partnership. One thing is for sure they know that they should now accept perfect imperfections and relationships must evolve as people do.

They know what went wrong in previous relationships. 41% of Divorcees say that they would communicate differently in their next relationship. It almost goes without saying that they know what works and certainly what doesn’t as they have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. Growing from their mistakes as they know what went wrong in their last relationship is the biggest learning curve any person can take.

Take a leap of faith and trust in the dating process. Not all divorcees have the baggage singles associate with them. If they are back out on the dating scene chances are they are looking for love and are serious in their search for someone special more so than they have ever been.


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